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What We Did

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On the 31st March 2013 the work of the Trust came to an end, following the meeting of our objectives, which culminated in the publication of the 'Muslim and Jewish Relations: Why Students Matter' paper, a collaboration between two former Muslim and Jewish student leaders.

We have now put in place a legacy plan that will support our Campus Ambassadors through their ongoing journeys to become the exemplars of collaborative Muslim and Jewish leadership in the coming years.

We want to thank all our supporters, donors and partners for helping us achieve significant gains, and most of all we want to thank all Muslim and Jewish students for their commitment to building networks of trust.

Why We Did It

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We focused our work on improving relations and building networks of trust and understanding among British Muslim and Jewish students on university campuses in the UK.

Because we believe that universities remain critical environments in which faith learning, experience and development unfolds, including the way in which attitudes towards other faiths among young people are formed.

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP: Coexistence Trust - Advancing Co-operation & Understanding

The Coexistence Trust gained recognition and support for the important work that it undertook from a number of prominent community, faith and political leaders including the Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chairman of the Conservative Party Baroness Warsi, the Rt. Hon. David Milliband MP and the Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan MP.

'The Coexistence Trust is crucial in helping cement our bonds.'

Rt.Hon. Sadiq Khan MP